Gobo Photo Workshops

Coming to a town near you! We bring you Gobo Photo Workshops. Myself along with my good friend Olé from PhotOle photography will be teaching how to use your camera to create images not just take pictures. We will get you off that auto setting and using manual before the end of the class. Our Mission is to share our knowledge, experiences, vision and passion for photography. To teach others how to be better photographers and how to deal with difficult situations while handling them gracefully. To teach people to achieve better photographs in their day to day lives as well in any future endeavors they may encounter.

We’ve had our photography businesses for a few years now and realized that we wanted to share our knowledge of photography with people who want to learn how to take better pictures. These classes are for all skill levels. To bring up your skill level, no matter where you feel your photography may be. The classes are coming up fast, so make sure to sign up by the end of the weekend.

We’ve been interviewed about these workshops twice in the past 2 weeks. So be sure to check out PAPA podcast and The Lancast to listen to the fun! For more information check out the Gobo website and blog. We look forward to seeing you at the works.

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