Mother Nature, make up your mind

Traveling to the Parrish Lavender Farm for the wedding of Lindsay & Tim was a little treacherous as I navigated through a torrential downpour. By the time I arrived, however, the rains had subsided yet the clouds remained. Clouds I can deal with, rain, not so much. Things started off pretty well though as the bride and bridesmaids arrived. I worked the room shooting some pics of them getting ready. After that I had them walk the gardens for some lovely pictures throughout the topiary gardens. It was then time to get some pics of the guys on the farm side of the property. Great for me to have such a lush topiary section and a decrepit farm section. It could be a more contrasting location and perfect for my photography to showcase such a wonderful couple.

After shooting pics of the guys, guests started arriving and walking through the damp grass to the patio section where the wedding was going to be held. The skies actually started to lift and the sun was trying to come out. At one point I think it peeked through. As the wedding started, the clouds came back. In fact one of the darkest clouds to this point made it’s way over. About a minute into the ceremony some rain started to come down and umbrellas went up. Then the rain stopped, and then the rain came back. After that it stopped for good and brightened up a bit through the clouds. The rain wasn’t enough to stop things or even slow it down, as a matter of fact I think it sped things up. But after the wedding, the bride and groom along with their family made there way down through some of the gardens for the family shots. Again the clouds were still overhead and I was getting some great light for the family shots, that is until the sun came out in full force. After back forth with the sun and clouds, I moved everyone under a tree for some shade and better lighting.

It was then time to have fun with the wedding party and bride and groom. Walking the grounds of the farm we made are way back to the bridal room to bustle the bride. At this point we found out that the humidity, which was also a highlight of the day, was playing with the cake. So, we made a quick decision to forego any more bride and groom shots til after some reception stuff. It was then off to the reception which was in an open grassy section of the gardens. A beautiful tent set up with tables, Sound Wave DJ’s, food, cake (hanging on), bartenders, and lots of anxious guests. However the damage from the rains had been done. I say this because also joining all this fun was the mud. Lots and lots of mud. There was no getting around it. The rains had made their way down the hill and under the tent. At this point the sun couldn’t dry things quick enough and couldn’t dry anything under the tent. So, after a the first dance and cutting (smelling) the cake it was time for a little lunch.

I then took the couple back out into the gardens for some more alone time for pics. We had a great time by the willow tree, a stone gazebo and walking down the pathways. A little dancing and some games finished off the party. It was a great time had by all and turned out to be a very beautiful sunny day after all the clouds passed. Thank you Mother Nature for finally hanging in there and giving us a beautiful day overall.  Enjoy this photo appetizer.

The beautiful brides dress


Reflections of the ring


Bridal roses and bridesmaids fan


Getting ready


Umbrellas, very fitting


The beautiful bride through some lavender


Farmtime with the groom


Yellow and green fans in the tent


Ya wanna let the bride and groom use those?


A struggle ensued with the grooms ring


At the house on the upper porch


Lavendar farm beauty


Some goofing around with the wed party


Holding onto the goods


Citrous rings


Finally some sun


Game time


Lawn games take concentration


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